Summer of Sport

The summer of sport is in full flow…but were not quite hitting all the right notes just yet. So it started with disappointment in South Africa, made slightly more palatable by the thrashing the Irish received to NZ. Followed closely by the ‘Bottle Job Boys’ crashing out on penalties yesterday after Andrea ‘The Puppetmaster’ Pirlo showed us a thing or two. Next up, let’s see what Andy Murray can do, it’s not like we have waited since 1936. On the brighter side the British Olympic team is almost finalised, with a lot of Athlete’s getting the nod yesterday in Birmingham.

This week sees another addition to the DigitalLockerRoom,  you can also follow us on Twitter @digitalLR for daily highlights.

Sport news you may have missed


  • [Olympics] Cadbury unveils interactive Olympic House – Dreamland
  • Moneyball 2.0: How Missile Tracking Cameras Are Remaking The NBA- England next?

Social sport


Boo-Hoo, only one story this week on apps…

  • [Euro2012] app rocks the download chart- 4.5Million



  • How many cheers could Coca-Cola collect for this publicity stunt? Take a guess
  • Twitter-Powered Vending Machine #BOSTWEET4T
  • [Euro2012] Paddy Power agrees to pays £80,000 underpants fine – Who’s head is that?
  • [Euro2012] Wayne Rooney posters strike gold for Sunday Times Cannes
  • [Euro2012] Comfortably the print ad of the tournament to date – great work Specsavers- Tongue-in-Cheek

Random story of the week

  • Can’t remember if this has been in before but its brilliant- Uncle Drew schooling some street ball players- Pepsi

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