“You can judge for yourselves”

Those were the words of, Lance Armstrong this week on reflection of his 90 minute interview with Oprah Winfrey which is set to be aired on Thursday and Friday. I can’t help but think they could have got a more…experienced presenter for such a topic Jeremy Kyle maybe? Mmmm, on second thoughts let’s stick with Oprah for what is set to be a very thought provoking insight into an athlete’s life. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Lance @DigitalLR just use #OprahvKyle

In more positive news it’s been a week for selection across the board. Stuart Lancaster has named England’s Six Nations squad, but still no George Ford. Disappointing. Nike have signed up McIlroy in a huge deal which see’s the young golfer fly up the rich list. Sticking with golf, the European board have selected Paul McGinley over Colin for Ryder Cup captain and in football Bayern Munich have appointed Guardiola as new manager. Should be interesting.

In other news, it’s all going well down under with Murray and Watson both sticking around in the sun. Melbourne, who wouldn’t want to be their right now?!

Well, to round things off before the meaty bit here’s a story not strictly related to sport. Nevertheless, it’s still an interesting watch;

An insight into the future of innovation [ARTICLE]

Sponsorship/Sport News

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It’s back…

…and just in time for Christmas. Well it’s been a little while since the last post but this one’s a humdinger.

Well, it wouldn’t be a real update without mentioning the #BestTeamInStripes would it? Yup, you guessed it…West Brom are third after a victory against the #FourthBestTeamInStripes. Sticking to football Chelsea have done it again, sacking another manager. What’s that, 7 in 10?

Moving to rugby England failed to reach that fourth place in the world rankings with two losses out of three. Made slightly more bearable by the fact Wales have slipped down to the third category.

In slightly better news, Monty spun us to a commanding position at stumps on day three of the second test in Mumbai.

Finally, Hatton did himself justice at the weekend by admitting he just doesn’t have it anymore. Gracious in defeat.

This week seems to be dominated by YouTube…check it out.

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Campaigns and Stunts

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All good things must come to an end

Well, the world has seen some great sporting moments in 2012, but all good things come to an end…who would have thought it wasn’t actually ‘about the bike’ after all! After the UCI upheld USADA’s decision this morning it’s hard to see where Armstrong will go from here, probably a monumental book sale.

It wasn’t a great weekend for football either, with Aaron Crawley jailed for 4 months after pushing Chris Kirkland in the face. We also saw another chapter written in the ongoing racism saga when Rio Ferdinand, along with two full premiership squads refused to wear the ‘Kick it out’ t-shirts.

In other (more positive) news, rugby fans welcomed the second weekend of Heineken Cup fixtures which saw the Tigers beat Ospreys and Wilkinson helping Toulon to back to back wins. Could this form mean a return for Jonny in time for the British Lions Tour?

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It just gets better and better.

What can I say..wow! I expect some of you are a little bleary eyed this morning having stayed up to watch the story unfold in Illinois. Well, it was worth it wasn’t it. What a way to continue the success in sport GB has seen this year. Ok we can’t take all the credit, the German did come to our rescue with a magnificent putt on the 18th but Poulter held more than his own over the weekend winning four points for Europe.

For any football fans, the three goals in three minutes at Old Trafford are definitely worth a watch if you missed it. Maybe not if you are a Man U/Arsenal fan but hey ho! The truly big game this weekend was that age old local derby…yep you guessed it Aston Villa v West Brom (maybe Arsenal v Chelsea would have been more fitting). It seemed WBA took a knock in the race to prove themselves as ‘The Best Team in Stripes’ this season, you know that’s the title everyone wants…shame it’s only the elite that are entered.

In rugby Argentina took a hammer blow against a thunderous All Blacks side that can seemingly do no wrong. With Australia defeated as well, the final weekend of the inaugural Rugby Championship is set to be a good one. Although not necessarily a nail biter as NZ managed to secure the victory with their win.

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Social Sport

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  • Obama has 99’ problems but Mitt ain’t one [VIDEO]

Sport never stops…

It doesn’t does it. With the Ryder cup starting this week Olazabal’s team is shaping up nicely, leaving room for a few last minute shifts in tactic. What do you reckon Europe’s chances are this year? Tweet us @DigitalLR using #RCprediction.

It’s also getting juicy in the Southern Hemisphere where Argentina are seemingly doing what Italy haven’t been able too since joining the big boys of rugby. The Puma’s are getting better with every game in the Rugby Championship, let’s see who the first big scalp will be. It’s not great for everyone at the moment though, Rocket Ronnie O’Sullivan has dropped out of the top 16 in world snooker since entering. Not a great week for John Terry either (I’ll let you make up your own mind as to whether you are happy about that!). Into the third day of his hearing and retiring from International football, I can think of better days.

Well at least you lot get this email…enjoy!

Sport News

  • Olympic Stadium in the running as Rugby World Cup organisers target £100 million profit [ARTICLE]
  • Nike, Google and Coca-Cola are ‘most desirable clients’ [ARTICLE]
  • Pizza Hut makes first foray into motorsport sponsorship [ARTICLE]
  • France to host the 2014 Heineken Cup [ARTICLE]
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  • Bicyclean pedals toward safer E-waste clean-Up [ARTICLE]
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Social Sport

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  • Football player with one leg scores an amazing goal [VIDEO]

“The Maple Kind?”

We have our champion…Andy only went and did it, even if he did keep us up till 2am! It seems the Olympics really was the springboard British sport needed, I think the only disspaointment this week is that the best team in stripes suffered their first defeat. Mmmm.

The ‘Hitman’ must want a bit of the action with his return set for November. It’s gonna be a tough one this year to decide on Sports Personality of the year, whats your shout? Get back to us on twitter @DigitalLR #SPOTY. You can note this one down, we reckon its gotta be Brad or Murray (although the latter doesn’t seem to tick all the boxes when it comes to personality he sure is good at sport).

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Random Story

A man, a mission, and a trailer full of bacon. You’ve gotta check this out [WEBSITE]

Beat that Rio

So that was it…it’s all over and what a month of sport it was. Not a bad show was it. The medal haul was record breaking, the ceremonies were breathtaking and best of all, we pulled it all off without a hitch (ok so maybe the Korean flags were a bit of an issue but we’ll sweep that under the carpet!).

What’s next for the rest of the students in the world?…I suppose its back to watching Jeremy Kyle on daytime TV- fantastic news. Lets hope Andy can keep the momentum going tonight with a win at Flushing Meadows…we have seen that Rory is doing his bit for the UK.

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Random story

  • What’s your name sir?….Bruce Wayne [VIDEO]