And so it continues…

And so it continues…Britain’s summer of sport is well and truly underway with BBC giving us the first glimpse of the Olympic opening titles last night, excited yet?

Fernando Torres can laugh in the face of all his critics, I wouldn’t mind a ‘bad season’ like his. Ended up winning the Champions League, FA Cup, Euro 2012 and the golden boot. With the tournament coming to a record breaking end yesterday all eyes turn to Wimbledon and Andy Murrays hope of a win just south of home turf.

Sport news you may have missed

  • ARU sets Australian first with GSI partnership (ARTICLE)
  • Argentina are showing Italy how to kick arse as an emerging rugby nation as they join the expanded HSBC Sevens World Series (ARTICLE)
  • Probably the biggest news of the year. Some guy called Nic Fletcher appointed RFU Head of Marketing  (ARTICLE)
  • [OLYMPICS] McDonalds opens their biggest restaurant in the world…you guessed it. It’s in the Olympic Park- good location fit (ARTICLE)
  • Bernard Lappasett is determined to grow Rugby Union worldwide while retaining the games values (ARTICLE)
  • Evian’s big wigs are obviously tennis fans. They signed an extension for Wimbledon’s Championships and Maria Sharapova last week (ARTICLE)
  • French Rugby Federation are moving home with new stadium plans south of Paris (ARTICLE)
  • Adidas give Murray a new pair of shorts after his balls popped out (ARTICLE)


  • ‘Bia’ Is a GPS Sports Watch Designed for Women by Women. This KickStarter project aims to exploit the gap in the market Nike and others have left (ARTICLE)
  • [OLYMPICS] Shazam Partners With NBC to Take on the Olympics (ARTICLE)

 Social Sport

  • There seems to be a new social platform released weekly for sports fans. Here’s SportsYapper which gives uber-fans a digital watercooler (ARTICLE)
  • NBA fans are given a rare glimpse inside the draft through social media (ARTICLE)
  • [EURO2012] Let’s see what is popular on social during this year’s Euros (INFOGRAPHIC)
  • The BBC Launches a Facebook page (ARTICLE)


  • Does gamification work? America’s Cup iOS game aims to widen yacht racing’s appeal (ARTICLE)
  • ScoreMobile FC app is released in French, German and Portuguese (ARTICLE)
  • Is second screen engagement the marketers holy grail? (ARTICLE)


  • Nice little video by Mercedes-Benz: ‘The Catch’.If I were them I definitely would have chosen a slightly cheaper car. I suppose they could always call that nice Brummy from AutoGlass (VIDEO)
  • Nike’s Tear-Jerker Ad Celebrates Women. Following in the footsteps of P&G, celebrating the contribution to sport (VIDEO)
  • [OLYMPICS] Adidas release their latest ad for 2012. Great Britain: Take the stage (VIDEO)
  • [OLYMPICS] Adidas targeted with ‘Sweat Shop’ campaign in run-up to Olympics (ARTICLES/VIDEO)

Random story of the week

We’ve got two this week, first up a nice little experiential campaign from Australia. ‘Honesty shouldn’t go unrewarded’ (VIDEO)

Next up, I know one of you went on holiday to Tuscany last week, what the hell did you do?! (ARTICLE)

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