“You can judge for yourselves”

Those were the words of, Lance Armstrong this week on reflection of his 90 minute interview with Oprah Winfrey which is set to be aired on Thursday and Friday. I can’t help but think they could have got a more…experienced presenter for such a topic Jeremy Kyle maybe? Mmmm, on second thoughts let’s stick with Oprah for what is set to be a very thought provoking insight into an athlete’s life. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Lance @DigitalLR just use #OprahvKyle

In more positive news it’s been a week for selection across the board. Stuart Lancaster has named England’s Six Nations squad, but still no George Ford. Disappointing. Nike have signed up McIlroy in a huge deal which see’s the young golfer fly up the rich list. Sticking with golf, the European board have selected Paul McGinley over Colin for Ryder Cup captain and in football Bayern Munich have appointed Guardiola as new manager. Should be interesting.

In other news, it’s all going well down under with Murray and Watson both sticking around in the sun. Melbourne, who wouldn’t want to be their right now?!

Well, to round things off before the meaty bit here’s a story not strictly related to sport. Nevertheless, it’s still an interesting watch;

An insight into the future of innovation [ARTICLE]

Sponsorship/Sport News

  • Jamie Oliver signs a 5-year deal with Man City [ARTICLE]
  • Darts player undergoes a makeover in sponsor stunt [ARTICLE]
  • Armstrong confesses [ARTICLE]
  • Premier League drinks to new Carlsberg partnership [ARTICLE]
  • Sky joins ESPN as NBA broadcast partner in UK [ARTICLE]
  • Trio of cities kick start race for 2020 Olympic Games [ARTICLE]
  • Global brands to discuss sustainability of sports events [ARTICLE]
  • McIlroy joins Tiger and signs with Nike [VIDEO]

Campaigns + Stunts

  • McIlroy and Tiger…”No cup is safe” [ADVERT]
  • Lynx are going to send a few brave men (and women) to space [ARTICLE]
  • Battle of the Bands for FA Cup Anthem [ARTICLE]
  • Tony Hawk spreads a smile for children born with facial deformities [ARTICLE]
  • Coca-Cola takes on obesity in new campaign [VIDEO]
  • Bad Lip Reading gives NFL a hilarious soundtrack [VIDEO]
  • NBA celebrates YouTube milestone with mash-up [VIDEO]
  • Hoops star saves wheelchair-bound student from post-game melee [VIDEO]

Social Sport

  • Which Premier League teams are popular where on Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]
  • Social media takes the fun out of Super bowl surprises [ARTICLE]
  • The Australian Open’s smashing social presence [ARTICLE]
  • NBA star’s texts with scolding granny are adorable [ARTICLE]


  • Nike+ launches Nike Fuel Missions game [VIDEO]
  • BBC Sport gets iPhone app [ARTICLE]
  • A bike lock that hides inside your bike [ARTICLE]
  • Hands on the new Jawbone: Up. Watch out FuelBand [ARTICLE]
  • Dual Screening set for prime time [ARTICLE]
  • CES 2013 in 50 seconds [VIDEO]
  • Sparse. A new minimal bike light that’s hard to steal [ARTICLE]
  • A glowing messenger bag to keep cyclists safe [ARTICLE]


  • Witness the world’s largest snowball fight [VIDEO]
  • These two brothers are as inspiring as anything you’ll see [VIDEO]
  • Watch people getting nailed by dodge balls [VIDEO]
  • Madness…referee tries to block free throw [VIDEO]

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