It’s back…

…and just in time for Christmas. Well it’s been a little while since the last post but this one’s a humdinger.

Well, it wouldn’t be a real update without mentioning the #BestTeamInStripes would it? Yup, you guessed it…West Brom are third after a victory against the #FourthBestTeamInStripes. Sticking to football Chelsea have done it again, sacking another manager. What’s that, 7 in 10?

Moving to rugby England failed to reach that fourth place in the world rankings with two losses out of three. Made slightly more bearable by the fact Wales have slipped down to the third category.

In slightly better news, Monty spun us to a commanding position at stumps on day three of the second test in Mumbai.

Finally, Hatton did himself justice at the weekend by admitting he just doesn’t have it anymore. Gracious in defeat.

This week seems to be dominated by YouTube…check it out.

Sport News

How to pick up a woman at the gym…sort of [ARTICLE]

BT chief confirms it will launch two sports channels next summer [ARTICLE]

Coca-Cola vows to bring innovative approach to Lotus F1 sponsorship [ARTICLE]

Is Rugby Union on the brink of a new era of commercial prosperity? [ARTICLE]

RFU partners with YouTube to live stream all the QBE Internationals outside UK [ARTICLE]

ESPN strikes deal for new college series in USA [ARTICLE]

CRM is the key to new, £150m deal between Emirates and Arsenal [ARTICLE]

Euro basketball competition readies is major expansion drive to the UK [ARTICLE]


Give this underwater MP3 player for Christmas [ARTICLE]

YouTube comes to Nintendo Wii U [ARTICLE]

Nike FuelBand is the Christmas gift for the digital athlete [ARTICLE]

Top tech toys for the connected generation [ARTICLE]

iPhone-syncing bike mount makes apps more accessible while riding [ARTICLE]

Social Sport

Old Spice releases retro flash game for the end of the world [ARTICLE]

Jack Taylor’s 138 point game goes viral…but not all of it is good [VIDEO]

NBA Development League to stream live on YouTube [ARTICLE]

‘Tweet Discreet’. Pro Athlete? You will never have to worry about another Twitter mess up [VIDEO]

How an NBA star gives the fans inside access through YouTube [VIDEO]

Handball player drops his shorts in a meltdown [ARTICLE]

Campaigns and Stunts

How do you follow Red Bull Stratos? The Athlete Machine…not sure it hits the same mark [VIDEO]

Vending machine makes you dance for a free coke [VIDEO]

Team GB cover a Queen classic for Adidas [ARTICLE]

Adidas interactive window shopping [VIDEO]

Taxi for Di Matteo! Coral capitalises on Chelsea changeover [ARTICLE]

Nike+Xbox Kinect training game [VIDEO]

Cowboy stunt: Pirelli replaces baseball caps at Circuit of Americas Grand Prix [ARTICLE]

Clever NBA ad. ”Here come the balls..” [VIDEO]

Google Ingress: A global alternate reality game [VIDEO]

Intel Discovered: An Xbox Kinect advergame [VIDEO]


Epic Meal Time gives us Thanksgiving on steroids [VIDEO]

Two guys surf the streets of New York City [VIDEO]

Think you have good Christmas lights? Think again…this is Christmas, Gangnam Style [VIDEO]


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