All good things must come to an end

Well, the world has seen some great sporting moments in 2012, but all good things come to an end…who would have thought it wasn’t actually ‘about the bike’ after all! After the UCI upheld USADA’s decision this morning it’s hard to see where Armstrong will go from here, probably a monumental book sale.

It wasn’t a great weekend for football either, with Aaron Crawley jailed for 4 months after pushing Chris Kirkland in the face. We also saw another chapter written in the ongoing racism saga when Rio Ferdinand, along with two full premiership squads refused to wear the ‘Kick it out’ t-shirts.

In other (more positive) news, rugby fans welcomed the second weekend of Heineken Cup fixtures which saw the Tigers beat Ospreys and Wilkinson helping Toulon to back to back wins. Could this form mean a return for Jonny in time for the British Lions Tour?

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