It just gets better and better.

What can I! I expect some of you are a little bleary eyed this morning having stayed up to watch the story unfold in Illinois. Well, it was worth it wasn’t it. What a way to continue the success in sport GB has seen this year. Ok we can’t take all the credit, the German did come to our rescue with a magnificent putt on the 18th but Poulter held more than his own over the weekend winning four points for Europe.

For any football fans, the three goals in three minutes at Old Trafford are definitely worth a watch if you missed it. Maybe not if you are a Man U/Arsenal fan but hey ho! The truly big game this weekend was that age old local derby…yep you guessed it Aston Villa v West Brom (maybe Arsenal v Chelsea would have been more fitting). It seemed WBA took a knock in the race to prove themselves as ‘The Best Team in Stripes’ this season, you know that’s the title everyone wants…shame it’s only the elite that are entered.

In rugby Argentina took a hammer blow against a thunderous All Blacks side that can seemingly do no wrong. With Australia defeated as well, the final weekend of the inaugural Rugby Championship is set to be a good one. Although not necessarily a nail biter as NZ managed to secure the victory with their win.

Sport News

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Social Sport

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