“The Maple Kind?”

We have our champion…Andy only went and did it, even if he did keep us up till 2am! It seems the Olympics really was the springboard British sport needed, I think the only disspaointment this week is that the best team in stripes suffered their first defeat. Mmmm.

The ‘Hitman’ must want a bit of the action with his return set for November. It’s gonna be a tough one this year to decide on Sports Personality of the year, whats your shout? Get back to us on twitter @DigitalLR #SPOTY. You can note this one down, we reckon its gotta be Brad or Murray (although the latter doesn’t seem to tick all the boxes when it comes to personality he sure is good at sport).

Sport News

For the third time in 18 years NHL enters lockout [ARTICLE]

Heineken wants a quick resolution to rugby dispute [ARTICLE]

Spanish football market opens up to YouTube [ARTICLE]

Sainsbury’s expands Paralympic association after 2012 success [ARTICLE]

BT’s Premiership Rugby deal sparks new ERC dispute [ARTICLE]

IRB chief backs 2015 management change [ARTICLE]


The bike helmet that calls for help when it detects a fall [ARTICLE]

StreetPong: Play pong at the traffic lights [VIDEO]

Social Sport

Moustache Madness: App pays homage to new coach that brings more than just career wins [ARTICLE]

10 incredible instagram shots for bike enthusiasts [IMAGES]

Going to watch the game? If you fancy ‘pulling’ head down to Harry’s bar [VIDEO]


P&G launches Gillette Football club on YouTube [ARTICLE]

Random Story

A man, a mission, and a trailer full of bacon. You’ve gotta check this out [WEBSITE]


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