Beat that Rio

So that was it…it’s all over and what a month of sport it was. Not a bad show was it. The medal haul was record breaking, the ceremonies were breathtaking and best of all, we pulled it all off without a hitch (ok so maybe the Korean flags were a bit of an issue but we’ll sweep that under the carpet!).

What’s next for the rest of the students in the world?…I suppose its back to watching Jeremy Kyle on daytime TV- fantastic news. Lets hope Andy can keep the momentum going tonight with a win at Flushing Meadows…we have seen that Rory is doing his bit for the UK.

Sport News

  • Olympic sponsors go for gold online [ARTICLE]
  • Ellie Simmonds tipped to be highest-earning British Paralympian [ARTICLE]
  • RWCL welcomes Debbie Jevans as the new CEO of ER2015 [ARTICLE]
  • The Premier League’s battered image comes under scrutiny in the Olympic after-glow [ARTICLE]
  • Paralympic Closing ceremony attracts 7.7m [ARTICLE]


Social Sport

  • ‘Sunday Night Football’ Reporter tweets videos from NFL sidelines [ARTICLE]
  • How sports teams build winning facebook apps [ARTICLE]
  • Crowd sourced documentary to tell the story of NFL fans’ season [ARTICLE]


  • BT tell London to take a bow…not Britain [ARTICLE]
  • Public Enemy adapt C4 Paralympic ad for tribute [VIDEO]
  • Hyundai HyperMatrix projection [VIDEO]

Random story

  • What’s your name sir?….Bruce Wayne [VIDEO]

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