What a weekend for British Cycling. I’m sure you all heard Brad won the Tour De France. He dominated from the start but I did feel a cuddly toy Lion was a bit of a cheap prize. Lets hope he, along with the rest of the GB team can bring home the goods over the coming weeks. Cav might even get one, after all he was the only guy who didn’t bag himself a medal in the cycling team four years ago.

The Open ended in dramatic style. It was surely a day to forget for Adam Scott, losing it in the last four holes to Ernie Els. The Highest Brit finished 5th and Tiger looked like he was returning to some form.

I’m sure we’re all looking forward to the Opening Ceremony; bring on the buses, farm animals and kilts. It is really just around the corner now…my prediction; 54 medals. You can quote me on that…

Sport news you may have missed

  • United remains king of sports team valuations [ARTICLE]
  • Olympic Brand Police are ready for action to crack down on ambush marketing [ARTICLE]
  • The sounds of Olympic events aren’t real…They’re even better [ARTICLE]
  • Games marketing drive fails to shift football tickets [ARTICLE]
  • Olympic torch reaches London and heads ‘Up at The O2’ [ARTICLE] [IMAGE]
  • Here are 10 Unforgettable Olympic Moments to Get You Pumped for London 2012 [VIDEO]


  • Augmented Reality makes you a French soccer champion  [ARTICLE]
  • NFL team enhances season tickets with augmented reality [VIDEO]
  • The digital shoe shop lets you try on shoes by standing in front of a screen [VIDEO]

Social Sport

  • Instagram hits Sports Illustrated’s hallowed pages [ARTICLE]
  • Some Olympians chafe at IOC’s social media rules [ARTICLE]
  • EDF Energy’s Olympic tweeters to light up London Eye [INFOGRAPHIC]
  • The first social media Olympics: sponsors fall short of gold standard [ARTICLE]


  • Sneaker store uses a GPS app to hijack its competitors from their store [ARTICLE]


  • ‘Meet the Superhumans’. Absolutely brilliant ad by Channel 4 for the Paralympics [VIDEO]
  • Goodyear: ‘Control Freak’ Live Test Drives [VIDEO]
  • Adidas unveil new Ajax kit with a fake changing room [VIDEO]
  • Mind-blowing DC Shoes stunt amasses 20million views in one week..and its 10 minutes long [VIDEO]

Random story of the week

  • For those of you that haven’t seen any of these before, I thought I’d share the latest ‘People are awesome’ clip [VIDEO]

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