It’s a knock-out!

Haye v Chisora, Khan v Garcia, Triple H v Undertaker…three huge fights (OK, so maybe the last one isn’t true but surely would have brought back some great memories). So, it was a pretty big weekend for boxing, which reminded me of this joker from a while back, this video is definitely worth a watch for anyone who believes in Karma.

While boxing reaped the rewards from one of the biggest ‘build up’s’ to a fight, Le Tour de France suffered at the hands of some protesters who apparently work for a carpet shop after they punctured 28 tyres with nails thrown on the road. Not sure what a carpet shop would have against cyclists?!

And how could I not mention the Olympic disaster…don’t need to say much more than that do I. Not sure how I would go about hiring 10,000 staff members in three months.

Sport news you may have missed

  • Ronaldinho on self destruct as Coke pulls $750,000 sponsorship after Pepsi stunt [ARTICLE]
  • How does the IOC ensure the Olympics remain financially successful? [ARTICLE]
  • London 2012 legacy planners hit by new criticism [ARTICLE]
  • UnderArmour readies ‘aggressive’ bid to take on Nike [ARTICLE]
  • Oh dear…not a fan of this but The All Blacks may have a shirt sponsor next year [ARTICLE]
  • The RFU will lead an exploration of the sports role as a force for social change [ARTICLE]
  • Barclays extend their sponsorship of the Premier League [ARTICLE]


  • 5 of the best workout headphones for under $100 [ARTICLE]
  • Workout gadgets, battery-free? Soon they could be powered by you [ARTICLE]
  • How to swim with your phone [ARTICLE]

Social Sport

  • MLB pushes social media for All-Star weekend [INFORGRAPHIC]
  • Nike hosts virtual sneaker exchange on Facebook [ARTICLE]
  • Be careful! Hackers are going to steal your data during the Olympics [ARTICLE]
  • How mobile social will win during the Olympics [INFORGRAPHIC]
  • The 2012 Olympic Social Media guide [ARTICLE]


  • NBC launches app to stream 3500 hours of Olympic footage [ARTICLE]


  • This is pretty cool. Lego made a giant barrel organ out of Lego to play their tune [VIDEO]
  • Create your very own #takethestage advert using our Facebook app [FACEBOOK]
  • Ingenious blood donation campaign by Brazilian football club [ARTICLE]
  • Leeds Rhino’s made history by putting twitter handles in place of players names [ARTICLE]

Random story of the week

Here’s an absolutely class rapping video….with the Sesame Street crew [VIDEO]


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