Don’t mention it

Let’s not talk about Sunday, other than the fact the stone man actually showed some emotion

…so, as depressing as it is its 0/2 in the big sporting competitions so far this summer. On the bright side it’s looking good for Bradley in France and with the British Olympic team set we are starting to see where our medal hopes lie. Here’s one for you, guess who the most successful country is at the Olympics…..You got it (or maybe you didn’t) its Finland.


Sport news you may have missed

  • Sports Illustrated to Return to TV With NBC Sports [ARTICLE]
  • Olympic Stadium proposed as 2015 Rugby World Cup venue [ARTICLE]
  • This guy certainly got disqualified during the hurdles [VIDEO]
  • Wimbledon Fan Advises Backhand; Player Agrees, Wins Point [VIDEO]
  • Africa kicks off 2015 Rugby World Cup qualifying: Hosts Madagascar and Namibia got their Rugby World Cup 2015 [ARTICLE]
  • Official Olympic Theme – The Muse ‘Survival’ Song Captures the Intensity of the Games [VIDEO]


  • The latest on goal line technology. It could be ready in time for the nations cup 2013- [ARTICLE]

Social Sport

  • Euro 2012 final sparks record-breaking tweetage – [ARTICLE]
  • The official winners of Euro 2012 according to Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]
  • Thunderclap: The First CrowdSpeaking Platform [ARTICLE]
  • #socialympics piece on LloydsTSB’s use of social media in its London 2012 sponsorship [ARTICLE]
  • ‘Social Media Olympics’: then and now [ARTICLE]


  • Here it is. #O2PrioritySports, powered by Nike+. Priority and sport, evolved [VIDEO]  [ARTICLE]
  • Red bull racing spy. Taking people behind the scenes of motor racing [ARTICLE]


  • Amusing Nike advert with Mario BaloteLAD [VIDEO]
  • Hot Wheels: Double Loop World Record Stunt…with real cars [VIDEO]
  • New Digital Buzz Post: Google Chrome Web Lab Experiments [VIDEO]
  • Screaming Soccer Fan Competitions – The McDonald’s ‘Passion Meter’ Gauges Support for Euro 2012 [ARTICLE]
  • Nike teams up with Tinie Tempah in twitter scavenger hunt for trainers [ARTICLE]
  • Heineken to use fans photos for Olympic activity [ARTICLE]

Random story of the week

This is really old but I showed someone in the office and they loved it so I thought I would share the love. This guy can do the best impressions of famous rappers [VIDEO]


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